A professional recording studio & practice space located just off Holburn Street at 2 Abergeldie Terrace. We have a VBL Pearl birchwood drum kit, Blackstar HT50 guitar head & 2x12 Cab, Orange TH30 guitar head & 2x12 cab, Fender Rumble bass head & 2x8 & 1x12 cabs, Fender Twintube Valve Amp & Marshall 4x12 in our acoustically treated practice space.

Our PA is a Mackie DL806 8 channel desk with built in effects using the Master Fader App and x2 Mackie SRM 450V3 speakers. For more info on all our services, costs & deals go to our website d-range.co.uk.

2 Abergeldie Terrace
United Kingdom