Aberdeen Our City Radio

Our City Radio, (OCR) are now playing unsigned artistes from all over the UK on http://nationaluk.ourcityradio.com. all for FREE.
If you are an unsigned artiste and would like to get your music heard by a wider audience NOW is your chance. We are not limited to what genre your artistry is in, just go on to the station and submit your performance. All you have to do is go to the website and hit the music submit button then follow the instructions, remember, we are not just a music channel so if you are a comedian we want to hear from you too.
Fill in as much detail as you can especially who you are, where you are from and the song title, if you have a web page or email address, graphics or album cover add that as well, you never know who could be in touch !!!!
We are also on the look out for Promoters, Publicists and DJs at various locations below and soon to be even more widespread. This new way of listening to broadcasts is sweeping the USA and will also be countrywide in the UK with it sweeping into Europe before much longer. Remember this is internet radio so you can hear from any of our stations no matter where you are, we are not bound by the radiowave !!!!
Get onboard, whether as a musician or member of staff, this is the new future for broadcasting !!!! Remember though, you must be unsigned !!!!
Current UK stations broadcasting are:
Remember, you can send your MP3 files to any of the above stations and it will be broadcast UK wide and it will be available to whoever wants to listen into any of the above sites.
When you visit the any of the  above stations facebook page give us a like and share it with your friends, it not much to ask and it will get you known to a wider audience……..as the number of stations grow we will filter your files to your local station.
Any enquiries to