Video interview: Fraser Edwards

Shmu's PT course speak to the musician, producer and sometime shark

Shmu's Positive Transitions 31 course caught up with Aberdeen-based musician and producer Fraser Edwards to find out how he got started in music, his inspirations and influences, his thoughts on Aberdeen’s music scene, a take on the classic pineapple/pizza debate…and how he ended up being in a band with sharks.

Fraser achieved acclaim as one of the lead guitarists of power metal band Ascension and is the co-creator of children's rock band Sharky Sharky. He also releases solo material, produces, teaches guitar and runs Aberdeen recording studio Azura Sound.

Check out the video below!

Interview filmed and edited by Ammie Jane Bruce, Mark Bennet, Matthew Bruce, Cody Valance, Aeryn Maule, Simone Knitter, Chloe Stewart, Kieran Hendry and Charley Fowler.

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