Music @ University of Aberdeen


Music at Aberdeen is a thriving learning, performing and research community, with over 250 undergraduate and 13 postgraduate students. The Department has 12 members of academic staff with a wide range of research interests spanning performance, composition and the history of music; we have over 30 visiting instrumental teachers who bring their practical expertise and experience to our programmes.

At undergraduate level, most students take music courses leading to a BMus (Hons) qualification.

Three Honours Programmes are currently in place:

Single Honours - students study all three main areas of Performance, Music History or Composition, with the opportunity to specialise in the final year;

Music Education - gives students a qualification to teach in secondary schools.

Music and Communities - allows students to examine the role of music in non-formal educational situations.

Staff and students put on performances ranging from orchestral and choral music to electroacoustic, jazz and world music. There is also a concert series featuring music from visiting artists.