Saturday, October 28, 2017

Sound Festival 2017

Annual festival of new music

Promenade Concert

Rock 'n' Rowie down at the Maritime museum

Bury Tomorrow

Portsmouth Metalcore band at The Tunnels

Edinburgh Quartet

Contemporary Scottish compositions

The Vintage Calvinos

Afternoon album launch at Under the Hammer

Andiamo Fagotto- Let's go Bassoon!

Bassooner rather than later

Hidden Architectures

Mixed Media performance at NESC

Colonel Mustard and the DI-JON 5 "Yellowe'en Party"

"Like a Dean Martin and Kenny Rogers hybrid with DNA of Bob Marley and Neil Diamond on mushrooms!"


Dance/gig fusion at The Lemon Tree

Song Circus

Norwegian female vocal ensemble play Aberdeen University

Tijuana Bibles

Tijuana Bibles no pariah at The Lemon Tree

The Ruckus, Deadfire, Broadsea

FREE ENTRY Halloween Madness at Exodus!


Local bands play Metallica

AKA Ska- Skalloween 2017

"Skary" evening at Drummonds

Let It Bleed Halloween 2017

Annual party at Unit 51