Early years

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Music with the wee ones - under 5 years Many studies underline the developmental benefits of singing and music making for young children in their Early Years. Whether it's with their families or those who work with them, for example childminders, nursery staff and teachers.

By ‘Early Years’ we are really talking about pre-birth and pregnant Mums to children aged up to about 5 years old. We would all like to see high quality, musically meaningful and great fun sessions for this age group and lots of people in the private sector, local authority sector, education institutions and parents/ carers are contributing to the increasing provision of this valuable music education.

N.E.earlyyearslinks is a group for those providing or interested in providing music education/activity for early-years children (pre-birth to 5 years), who would like to share ideas, access training and get together occasionally.


The group sits within Aberdeenshire Youth Music Forum (aymf) and is open to all from the North-east of Scotland and further afield. To learn more about the Aberdeenshire Youth Music Forum (aymf) Network group follow the link below: