"Ok... Imagine Tool and Karnivool locked together in the sweet embrace of a musical orgy; a passion filled session with some light sweet jazz to set the mood. Incubus loiter in the room to tag in every so often and Biffy Clyro are there to serve the refreshments. That's Akord"
Akord are a 4-piece band, sporting too many guitar strings and and array of effects pedals.
The band entered the music scene back in early 2011. They have played a number of gigs around the city and just finished recording their debut record with producer Nick Scholey which they have released their debut single "Set In Your Life".
Having been part of the Drummonds 2K Tournament, the band fought their way to the finale and won the £2000 cash prize. The money will be put towards merchandise for the fans, a promotional music video with director Jamie Bathgate, CD duplication for the release of the upcoming record "Carry The Sound" and saved towards tours and future recordings.